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Offending sites may be deleted without any notice. All the links considered inappropriate will be removed from the Partner web-site by Dating Mingle2 dating free moderation team.

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I wasn't expecting it, it takes time to convert and every adwords advertiser understands it. Confidential data means, but is not limited to, all ag dating factory and trade secrets including all financial, marketing and technical information, ideas, concepts, technology, processes and knowledge together with lists or details of customers, suppliers, prices, discounts, margins, information relating to research and development, current trading performance and future business strategy and any information derived from them in each case concerning the business or affairs of the parties hereto, and information in respect of which the parties are bound by any obligation restricting its use.

Affiliate is a Partner of Dating Factory who promotes other partner branded websites participating in the Dating Factory Network taking part in the Dating Factory affiliate network.

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The aussie guys dating hereto shall not disclose any confidential data and this confidential data shall remain strictly confidential and secret and shall not be used, directly or indirectly, by the either party for their own business purposes or for any other purpose except and solely to the extent that any such information is generally known or available to the general public or if it is required by law or legal process.

Our platform has been designed with our partners first.

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If chargebacks amount to more than the amount Dating Factory is holding, Dating Factory reserves the right to seek these chargebacks from the Partner via necessary action. For more info click here. Partner agrees that Dating Factory shall obtain and use Partner personal or corporate information in accordance with this agreement for as long as it may be required for legitimate purposes.

Your online dating site on the Dating Factory platform can be up and running within a few minutes. Making it easy to ag dating factory all aspects of your online business and help you create the best mobile dating sites.

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Use of SPAM to promote the Partner links to the web-site or traffic to a web-site will be grounds for immediate termination for cause without previous notice and the Partner shall forfeit any right to unpaid commission. The blog have lots of usefull information to use! These shall be included into an addendum that should form the part of this agreement and be signed by both parties before development works can start.

Reach high converting markets utilising our wide array of dating niches that no other provider offers and we are adding new ag datings factory all the time.

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Other parties may only obtain this information if they have legitimate reason for doing so and Dating Factory is obliged by law to disclose such information whether inside or outside the European Economic Area. Charges can vary depending on the payment method chosen by the member.

We support 22 languages worldwide so you can really expand into the worldwide market.

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Dating Factory reserves the right to disclose information regarding providers of such content to the relevant authorities. Partner and Dating Factory are independent parties and nothing in this agreement shall create any form of Partnership, joint venture, franchise, sales representative or employment relationship between the parties. Partner may become member of their web-site and use Dating Factory services in accordance with general membership rules.

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If deductions outstanding exceed commission payable the Partner shall pay the deduction upon demand. Recurring payments are subsequent payments by member who has upgraded. Partner cannot copy text from their web-site to use on any other website or a site provided by another company.


Pre-populated global database and a selection of promo tools and affiliate marketing allows you to market and convert dating traffic into revenue from day one. Dating Factory reserves the right to terminate this agreement immediately if:.

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