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When it was over, we hugged goodbye. I even saw that he been on Facebook and his blog.

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Learn these 9 little secrets and you'll have any guy wildly obsessed Maybe his phone ran out of batteries. Love triangles and its confusing complications ].

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But then towards the end of lab, I wanted to ask him for a car ride home which he agreed to do. That was a lot. But one day is nothing, really. You're calling to see what's up and if he acts like a shitheel then you can be pissed at him, not ignored about your "clinging. Sadly, the dating skateboarder declined to participate—he's still pretending we never met.

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If he is interested in you he will respond normally. Dating doesn't have to vietnam dating sites friends complicated.

Ignoring someone you like is never an easy thing to do, but sometimes, it's the smartest thing to do emotionally.

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Cakebatter has it spot on. If he was trying to get a little space down time this was a shitty way to let you know that.

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I can't even pinpoint an argument we've had or anything like that! Doesn't have to be dramaz, but it's OK to state you need a quick check-in if you've messaged or texted. If you'd been going to the gym for 2 months it would still be early to expect dramatic results.

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It was hard to believe how much it affected me. Texting is fine for informal, unimportant messages.

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