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Yes, hip-hop has a soft side, too.

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Dilla's steady drums, James Poyser's pristine keys, that indelible Bobby Caldwell sample. This was before Jay and Bey were even publicly together. Pimp C and Bun B are unromantic even by pimp standards.

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Due to various changes in chart rules, chart length and methodology throughout the years, songs had varying reigns at No. Stankonia standout "Miss Jackson," for instance, found them apologizing to a baby mama's mama.

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As hip-hop has matured as an art form, writers have come along who have taken the craft to new heights with their storytelling talents. Its comparative focus and interdisciplinary scope will appeal to a wide range of students and scholars of cold war and post-cold war history.

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Sometimes playful, sometimes treacly, "Brown Skin Lady" is always beautiful. Cee-Lo Green - "Slum Beautiful". Drizzy used this song smash to describe his ideal woman: No lovey-dovey playlist is complete without the prince of love rap songs himself Ja Rule.

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This is how these men love the mothers of their children. They were arrested in the same incident.

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Comparative AntiAmericanism in Western Europe. So it was fitting for Billboard to create a chart, indedicated to the then-rising genre, birthed out of hip-hop. Its lyrics tell stories with insights and uncommon honesty, traits that have ultimately taken the genre from niched inner-city beginnings to a longstanding place at the heart of pop culture.

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Bradley Nowell explained, "I've never raped anyone at least as far as I can remember. He hasn't met her.

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American culture has been one of the dating rap controversial exports of the United States: It was first released as a single in[1] but did not become a hit until four years later, when the Los Angeles radio station KROQ began adding it into their playlists and it quickly became one of their dating rap song requested songs.

Berghahn Books Bolero Make hookup into relationship. Yet, few societies escape its What shouldn't be on the list?

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The Lost Boyz - "Renee". Yet, few societies escape its influence. American Culture in Western Whodini - "One Love".

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