Poole pottery dating Poole Pottery Marks

Poole pottery dating

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There is no pattern code on the twin handled vase. Shapepattern GL by Anne Hatchard. They produce decorative and ornamental art pottery that has become very collectible. Poole Pottery can be an acquired taste.

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In the factory started using a white earthenware for all its production. Pattern E is blue and pattern F is green.

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Designs which include clouds, geometric shapes and leaping deer - and vases with stepped handles - are all characteristic of this era. Above - A pair of vases in pattern BC sometimes called the scimitar pattern shapepainted by Eileen Prangnell on a pink slip over white earthenware.

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On white earthenware with a pink slip, Freeform shapes and contemporary patterns reflected trends in interior design and a nation's enthusiasm for the modern. Another rare pattern is AW below.

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One of the most striking geometric patterns is KN. Above - Shallow dish shapeapprox diameter 11 inches, no paintress mark.

Well done to the proprietors of "Rhubarb Home" for recognising and exposing this fine tile panel which graced the zayn dating list premises of 'Fishy Davies' in the early 's. Ripple, Ariadne, Constellation and Feather Drift.

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From the white body of the piece was covered by a pink slip. Above left - pattern VY by Eileen Prangnell.

Poole Pottery is based in the town of Poole in Dorset.

Genuine rarities do not necessarily command high values and the enthusiastic collector can still turn up patterns and designs which have not previously been recorded. A more common variation is in yellow pattern YE, meaning yellow variant of pattern E.

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