Gemini dating advice 10 Things You Should Know Before Dating a Gemini

Gemini dating advice

Although truth be told, having some norms and consistency in a relationship is important to us, too.

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Love a sarcastic jokester? Because of their zest for life and love of learning, Geminis are young at heart.

Avoiding a Huge Mistake. Just take it as a lesson and get to the point a bit quicker next time.

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We will not allow ourselves to be hurt in any way, shape, or form. It allows us to be social without actually having to interact with anyone. While this seems like the perfect recipe for self-assurance, it actually gemini dating advice a lot of doubt since they're apt to also consider where they "should" be in life or what they "should" be doing.

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Don't wonder if you should offer help and advice. Gemini people are very curious and their mind always requests more information.

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It might be a little difficult to start this date up. Dreams really do come true! If you're pursuing a Gemini, however, things aren't nearly as simple.


There is no denying every Gemini was a summer baby. We want someone who has their shit together financially responsible, independent, reliable job, pays their own bills, etc but can also surprise us because they spend all their free time planning cute things for us to do. If you're the jealous type, you probably won't be able to handle our various winky-face strewn Whatsapp chats with the opposite sex.

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But with two personalities constantly fighting each dating relationships advice, we can seem flippant, all over the place and quite frankly a little crazy.

It's the only way we know…. So can you make the decisions, please?

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Geminis are witty, imaginative, charming and great storytellers. We love to learn.

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