18 year old daughter dating 24 year old So my 18 year old sister is dating a 24 year old guy

18 year old daughter dating 24 year old

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The feeling of not being able to do this or that becuase your a few years older is all social construct. Talk About Marriage Advertisement.

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She's 18 and your That isn't much of a gap. What's the mentality of the sexes at this stage?

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That's not that big of a gap. It's nothing more than sex and bragging rights on both 18 years old daughter dating 24 year old to be honest. But then I wonder if doing that makes me miss out on life.

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Options Quote message in reply? If she's really in college who cares!

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Yes, yet it is. Think about it carefully; he sounds like a nice enough guy, what with the 'not caring' about you not wanting to have sex an' all, but it's really upto you.

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Also, does this type of relationship suggest that the 24 year old is mentally behind and immature? Oi ve just kiddin Posts: Is she really a child in high school sir??? Im 32 and Naya is Jul 9, Messages: New Thread Post Reply. Is that reasonable because some people I know said it's weird and some said how do radioactive dating work doesn't matter.

And when she's 60, you'll be 80 and if not dead, decrepit.

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The time now is If the relationship is harmonious, the age doesn't meter. Either way nothing anyone says on this thread will change your mind, its already set. I recently started going back to school and I was worried that everyone was going to be a lot younger but I've come to find out that most of the people in my classes are only a couple years younger than me, the same age or older and I am Never understood the mentality of older guys going for chicks that young. It's just a number.

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Age is just one of the factors in any relationship. LMAO you actually thinking your sister is a virgin loloalmlmololosmdlolo.

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Is the fact that your allowed to screw up and learn. Search this Thread Advanced Search. She will probably see him for what he is soon enough. Leak shows uni suffering drop in applications. I dont see a problem with that age difference.

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It's almost as if you're too afraid to go for a woman your own age or older. The drugs may pose a problem. That being said, do what makes you happy.

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Is it wrong to date a year-old guy while I'm only 17? I dont mean anything that is illegal for everybody that was about to say something else. Seems you're more intrigued by her looks more than anything.

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Enjoy your selfs young jerks.