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But it was ended by Sara's untimely death leaving Clay devastated and vowing to never love again.

2. James Lafferty & Sophia Bush

This started a quick and loving relationship. It can be assumed that it was a serious relationship because Taylor went out of the way to ruin her relationship and Quinn was very hurt by the action and bando dating site even still upset about it years later.

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Was it third time lucky for Sophia? Find out who below: Superman' by Pramit Chatterjee on Oct 30, Perhaps the couple of One Tree Hill on and off-screenChad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush began dating the year that the show began, getting engaged in May and marrying the following year.

After sleepwalking throughout the whole town and not remembering where and why he went there, Clay checks into a rehab where he meets Logan, a young boy.

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Long before they appeared in front of the camera together, Scott Holroyd and Allison Munn already knew each other — in fact, they were already childhood friends. Their whirlwind romance developed from there and they eventually moved in together.

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However, it wasn't meant to be and he soon moved on to Glee star Lea Michele, with whom he's no longer with either. Sadly, it wasn't in the cards and they waved each other goodbye just as One Tree Hill came to an end in Despite this, Nathan asked Clayton not to see Quinn due to all the problems she has in her life saying that she needs time to clay one them out and Clayton reluctantly agreed and told Quinn they couldn't tree out anymore.

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They married in and welcomed their first child into the world in Actually, he also got together with someone involved with the show — an extra. In the season finale, when Quinn was entering her bedroom, Katie lurked out from the shadows and shot her, Clay hearing the gunshot, comes in and realizes it is Katie and she shoots him down and leaves.

Later Sara gave birth to a son, Logan.

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Sign In Don't have an account? Tree HillNorth Carolina. While at TRIC the two meet and flirted together they then soon went back to Clay's and had a one-night-stand.

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This continued on for seven years, before they decided to break up. Katie begins to stalk Clay and even dyes her hair blonde just to mess with Clay's head. They both had a son Logan.

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After Austin joined the show as Julian though, they fell hartford speed dating events love and remained in a relationship on-and-off for four years. However she bears a resemblance to his wife, Sara. They also over came Clay being stalked by Katie Ryan and were both shot but they got through it and became a stronger couple and more in love.

Quinn And Clay One Tree Hill Dating

When Clay started sleep walking it strained their relationship due to Clay being unable to talk to Quinn about it and not wanting to involve her but once he discovered he had repressed the memory of his son Quinn became more involved best dating websites nyc eventually they became and family and quickly got engaged and then married hill dating Logan by their sides. Although Kylie continues to have feelings for Clay and wanted to long-term romantic relationship and was upset he choose Quinn.

First she refuses to leave Clay and the two declare their love for each other. Whilst nina dating paul a coma, Clay and Quinn meet in a dream and discover whats happened to them after spending the day on the beach. Quinn helps him get his job back and make peace with the loss of his wife so he can move on and the two fall in love.

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And for those of you wondering about Shantel VanSanten and Robert Buckley, aka Quinn and Clay the cutest couple on OTH — as much as we would love to include them on this list, unfortunately these two are nothing more than good friends. Quinn had a relationship in her hill dating year with Dan until he slept with her older sister Taylor which ended their relationship. After all, there's been nothing quite like the rollercoaster ride of relationships and drama since the final credits rolled in Yet, did you know that the show was also the birthplace of a number of relationships in real life too?

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Some Roads Lead Nowhere. After two years though, their relationship withered away and they were no more.