Dating old raleigh bikes Almost There!

Dating old raleigh bikes

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Need help with IDin bike any help is appreciated. Almost exclusively braze-on, for either shifters or shifter cable guides. Though I do find it intriguing.

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Insomnia is my saving grace, otherwise there would be no time for any of this. This is followed by another alphabet.

Date Raleigh by serial number?

It is not uncommon for a bicycle's art to include actual dates, often times indicating when the bicycle won an important race. Note that the serial number information below is fragmentary and incomplete, and many bikes have proven to be much newer than the serial numbers would suggest.

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Unit in production run Example: Though the bikes all look much the same, as they blend through the years, there are distinct dating old raleigh bikes characteristic differences that suggest age. Nice bike, I quite like it but would just change the odd minor detail like the pedals and saddle.

Only with magnification and playing with the shadows with a bright LED light can the numbers be teased out. Following is a list, if you will, of common frame set features that can all be considered when attempting to define vintage of a bicycle.

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With an estimated 15, bicycle manufacturers, the odds are stacked against me recognizing yours; in any case, I do not claim to be an expert, just an assiduous recorder of information. Terren peizer dating, with practice, the skill will become refined, allowing for increasingly accurate guesses.

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Painted made in England on the drive side upper down tube ladies bike remember. Peugeots from France, for example, cannot demonstrate what is and what is not, this year or that. Does anyone have any idea what the MFG date is for this serial number?

The third character is always a numeral. Last edited by conradpdx; at What frame and fork set characteristics fall under the microscope?

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The usual site that tells the correlation between letter code and manufacture location seems to be unavailable. Always located in the same spot.

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The time now is Neither it is not out of the question that other letters may exist, representing Raleigh's other factories. Just about everything was braze-on by the mid datings old raleigh bikes.

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Shimano Tube Mount Shifters: They're a bit uncommon to find, so I have yet to figure out how the lineup was structured during this period. However, feel free to link to this page if you wish to make reference to the chart.

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So, most bicycles, from the beginning of time, right through to the early eighties, will be made of some form of steel pipe or tubing.