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Which seems to be their hand holding style as well. Bates coding or Bates labeling.

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I was mad and apologize for sounding mean. Pcc used to have a rule in that boys and girls couldn't ride in same elevator, touch, etc. Details about the Bates family. In a bate dating rules world the kids would be convinced of the merit of their beliefs, instead of living in fear of punishment for going against something they haven't marriage after 2 years of dating. The high profile Bates and Duggar courtships seem to have taken some pressure off the "does courting actually work??

I assume that "in a relationship" to them means they are limiting themself to a steady relationship with just one person and keeping it that way until it either turns into a courtship or they decide to part ways and just be friends.

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May He answer both our prayers and heart's desires soon! I love that she loves her children so compassionately. I think it is a healthy thing if the Bates children make their own decisions bate dating rules they leave home and it stands to reason that their spouses will not come from carbon-copy backgrounds of their own.

That seems so prone to problems.

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I have only seen the first episode! If Erin really was preganant she could not be as far along to already show a pregnant belly. Since Alyssa is now married, she is no longer under her parents authority. They have been dating quite awhile.

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I thought the couple was allowed to choose what they wanted to do. Much like the Duggars, the Bates girls also avoid wearing pants — although their style does seem a little less dated.

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Was Tori not allowed to ask Bobby to make it an official courtship? Their dating rules are less rigid than the Duggars.

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Mystic Mandalas 29 and And when she's not enthralled in the celeb world, she's Newer Post Older Post Home. Their kids mentioned here are adults and really can do what they please, so the fact that many choose to be so conservative is still impressive.

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Sign up for a new account in our community. Anonymous February 11, at 8: The kids pretty much believed in this so they cooperated. Courtship is entered into once they have developed a good friendship that they think may turn into marriage.

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Do you realize they are now celebrating an "anniversary" of that "unofficial period where they get to know each other"? My cousin had the exact same problem and their Doctor suggested the very same thing Anonymous January 8, at 9: The Dunkels - Chapter Thank you, thank you, thank, for the wonderful blogs you keep up for both the Bates and the Duggars. Anonymous February 19, at 9:

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